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About Us

All Aqua International (Pty) is a leading international water producing company and holding company with expertise in atmospheric water, aquifer, and mobile atmospheric water generation units. AAI’s primary focus is on the development, production, and distribution of various water sources. With our three distinct divisions, we strive to meet the global demands for clean and sustainable water solutions.

Our Subsidiaries

Aqua Air Logo

Our atmospheric water division is dedicated to harnessing moisture from the air through state-of-the-art technologies, providing clean and potable drinking water.

Technology: We employ advanced condensation techniques and filtration systems to extract and purify atmospheric moisture, ensuring the highest standards of water quality. 

Products: Our atmospheric water division offers a range of ready-to-drink bottled water and bulk water supply options, conveniently packaged for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

Aquefer Logo

Our Aquefer division focuses on the extraction and treatment of groundwater from underground reservoirs, providing a reliable and sustainable water source.

Sustainability: We implement responsible water management practices to mitigate the impact on the aquifers, ensuring long-term water resource availability.

Products: Our aquifer division supplies high-quality bottled drinking water sourced from carefully selected aquifers, offering a natural and refreshing taste.

Aqua 4 All logo

Our mobile atmospheric water generation units provide scalable and flexible solutions for emergency relief operations, events, or remote locations without access to adequate water infrastructure.

Mobility: These units are designed to be easily transportable and can be quickly deployed to meet emergency water demands or support temporary water supply needs.

Efficiency: Our mobile atmospheric water generation units employ cutting-edge technologies to produce water efficiently, utilizing minimal energy resources.

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